Webmaster Info

For the Webmaster - Important Info:

The "troop474.org" Domain Name (DNS) is handled by Phil Genera.  Contact him using his initials at 575.org, but 575 is spelled out using words and no spaces.

This web site is hosted on Google Sites, full URL is:
Log in to edit the site via the small "sign in" link at the very bottom of every page.

DNS redirection in the page settings points it back to www.troop474.org
    Prove ownership of that URL to Google via Google Webmaster Tools, here.

The old web site, http://old2003.troop474.org, is also handled by Phil Genera.

The Google Calendar "Troop 474 Guilford CT" holds all Troop calendar events, and write access should be granted to the webmaster's gmail account.
    Anyone who uses Google Calendar themselves can "subscribe" to events in this calendar by clicking the "+ Google Calendar" image at the bottom of the Troop's monthly calendar web page - they will be prompted if they want to add the Troop calendar to their own.

The "Scribe" page is a Blogspot Blog, full URL of the Blog is:
    Manage the blog & access control to the blog here:

Photos are stored in Picasa Web, full public URL is:

Visitors to the site and to the photos are tracked with Google Analytics: