Troop Policies

11/5/95Activities depositsAll troop activities other than regular meetings shall require a monetary deposit from Scouts and Scouters signing up to participate. The minimum deposit shall be $1.00. Deposits of more than the minimum may be required. It shall be the trip leader’s responsibility to determine the amount of deposit, if it more than the minimum, and the method and timing of payment. The amount and timing of deposits should, at least, be sufficient to cover unrecoverable expenses as they occur.

Refunds: Deposits may be refunded subject to the following conditions:

1. The event is canceled. If an event is canceled the deposit less each participants share of unrecoverable expenses shall be returned.

2. Extreme hardship. If, in the opinion of the Scoutmaster and the trip leader, the participant is unable to attend due to extreme hardship the deposit less the participants share of unrecoverable expenses will be returned.

Unrecoverable expenses are those expenses incurred by the troop that will not be refunded. They may include, but art not limited to, attendance or participation fees, travel expense, food and lodging expense and special training or equipment expense.

6/4/95Disciplinary ProblemsMinor disciplinary problems will be handled by the Leadership Corps. under the supervision of the Scoutmaster. More serious or repeated disciplinary problems will be handled by the Scoutmaster and/or the adult leaders. The normal disciplinary process shall be:

    Step 1 or First offense: The Scout will be counseled by an adult leader.

    Step 2 or Second offense: The Scout will be sent home from the meeting or activity and his parents will be notified. If it is necessary to send a Scout home from an outing, his parents will be phoned and they will be expected to pick up the Scout or provide acceptable transportation home for the Scout. The Scout’s parents will be responsible for all transportation costs. All fees associated with the event will be forfeited.

    Step 3 or Third offense: The Scout will be suspended from the troop for an appropriate period of time. The Scouts parents will be notified and the Scout will not be allowed to participate in any Scout event that occurs during the suspension. Fees paid for any event that occurs during the suspension may be forfeited at the discretion of the Scoutmaster and/or the event adult leader. Scouts that wish to return to the troop must demonstrate to the Scoutmaster or his designee that there is a reasonable expectation that the behaviors that caused the suspension will be changed for the better.

    Step 4 or Fourth offense: The Scout will be expelled from the troop. The Scout’s parents will be notified. Annual troop dues will be forfeited. Fees that have been paid for up-coming events may also be forfeited at the discretion of the Scoutmaster and/or his designee.

    The Scoutmaster or adult event leader may start the disciplinary process at step 2 if they feel the nature of the problem warrants such action.

    The Scoutmaster will report all step 2 and higher actions to the Troop Committee at the next regularly scheduled Troop Committee meeting following the disciplinary action.

    Appeal: Any Scout subjected to step 3 or 4 disciplinary actions may appeal the action and/or the forfeiture of fees due to one of these disciplinary actions may, at the Scout’s request, have a hearing at the next regularly scheduled Troop Committee meeting. The Scout must speak on his own behalf and answer questions posed by the Troop Committee members. He may also have a parent or an adult leader speak in his behalf. If an adult leader advocate is requested an adult leader that is acceptable to the Scout will be appointed by the Troop Committee Chairman or the highest ranking adult leader that was not part of the discipline. The Troop Committee, by simple majority, may sustain, reverse or modify the disciplinary action that was taken. Parents of Scouts that appeal disciplinary action, and that are on the Troop Committee, may not take part in Troop Committee deliberations or votes on such appeals

3/17/14Dues, AdultAdult dues are $30.00 per year.

modified 3/17/14

Dues, ScoutsThe dues for scouts shall be $40.00 for the first Scout to register in a family and $30 for each subsequent scout from the same family if the family requires only one subscription to Boy’s Life.
8/25/96Eagle Scout, Court of Honor1. The troop will pay for the cost of so called Eagle Kit which contains the Eagle patch, medal, neckerchief slide and the mother’s and father’s pins.

2. The troop will pay for the cost of an Eagle Neckerchief.

3. The troop will pay for the cost of framing the Eagle certificate.

4. The troop will pay for up to $200.00 of the expenses of the Court of Honor. Parents of the Eagle Scout requesting reimbursement for Eagle Court of Honor expenses may do so by submitting appropriate documentation of actual expenses incurred to the Troop Committee.

3/3/14Eagle Scout, NESA
The Troop will pay the Special NESA Membership fee of $20 for each new Eagle Scout that applies for membership within 6 months of their Board.  Submit a receipt to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

The  $20 reimbursement may also be used toward a lifetime membership.

Scout Account funds may be also used towards NESA Membership.
1/8/95Personal Property, Motor Vehicle, loss or damage.As a general rule, Troop 474 will not assume liability for loss or damage to personal property used in troop activities. Any person acting in behalf of troop who suffers a loss or damage to personal property may request compensation for the loss or damage at any regular Troop Committee Meeting.
12/3/95Scout accountsMoneys that scouts accumulate in their scout accounts shall be used only for expenses of Troop activities and the purchase of Scouting and/or camping gear. All expenditures of scout account moneys must be approved by the Scoutmaster or his or her designee. All Scouts and Adult leaders who leave the troop shall relinquish all claims to moneys in their scout accounts. If a Scout or Scouter leaves the troop with a balance in their scout account the balance shall become the property of the troop and transferred to the general fund. A Scout or Scouter shall be judged as having left the troop when they either notify the adult leadership that they have joined another troop or when they fail to reregister when the annual charter is submitted.
3/3/14Training, Adult
The troop will reimburse adult Scouters who take a BSA approved training course for the cost of tuition upon successful completion of the course.

Please submit receipts to the Treasurer. 

Courses costing more than $50 should be pre-approved by the troop committee.
12/4/94UniformsThe Troop will accept the following as a class A uniform for troop meetings, boards of review and courts of honor. Shirt: Class A scout shirt with correctly positioned, up to date patches as allowed by BSA. Neck ware: A neckerchief and slide, a scout bolo tie or BSA Leader’s Green Tie. Pants/Shorts: BSA or Dark colored, one color pants or shorts in good repair. Socks: Standard BSA with shorts. Hats: Hats will not be worn indoors. Acceptable outdoor hats will be at the discretion of the event leader. This policy does not preclude a requirement for a full standard BSA Class A uniform at any troop or BSA event.
3/1/14Strawberry SocialTicket prices are determined on an annual basis.  50% of a scouts sales above the troop minimum annual threshold of 25 tickets will be credited to their scout account.